Frequently Asked Questions

Our hope is the Questions and Answers contained herein will provided information you need to allow you and your family to have an enjoyable stay at Camp Noble Cause.

This by no means is intended to answer all of your questions; in fact we would appreciate you sending any questions you have to Contact Us. We will try to answer those questions promptly and also include them in our FAQ in a timely manor. Thank you.

From the Staff of Camp Noble Cause

What is the cost to attend Camp Noble Cause?

Other than providing your own transportation to and from the camp, there is no cost to attend Camp Noble Cause; either for the full weekend, or for just one day. CNC is free to both Attendees and Support Volunteers.

Where is Camp Winnebago located?

Hibernia ( Rockaway Township ), NJ

How do I get to Camp Winnebago ?

There are a number of resources for finding directions to the Camp. First, there are two links on our Website. One takes you to Patriot Paths' Council, B.S.A. where a link is provided to Camp Winnebago where you can find directions and map of the Camp. The second link takes you to a MapQuest link. You just type in your address and zip code in the location box and driving directions and a map “To” should pop up.

What kind of Camp is Winnebago?

The camp is a B.S.A. (Boy Scouts of America ) certified camp. This means that the Camp follows the camping and outdoor activities allowed under B.S.A. Rules and Regulations. In addition, the Camp also follows G2SS (Guide to Safe Scouting ) rules. The Camp follows New Jersey State and local Regulations and is compliant with Federal Regulations. More of this will be discussed below.

 Can I bring a relative for the weekend?

Currently, the weekend is open to the Spouse, Guardian, Care Provider and Children or Child of any active military personnel.

Can I send my children alone to Camp?

No, all children must be accompanied by and be with a parent, guardian, care provider or responsible adult 21 years old or older (G2SS). In the case of a Parent, this rule does not apply.

Where will my children and I be sleeping?

Everyone will be sleeping in tents or lean-tos. This means you will need to bring a sleeping bag or bedding, a sheet and blanket. Lean-tos have bunks with mattress, tents have canvas cots. Your pre-registration form will help us determine who will be assigned to which camping site.

Are there toilets and showers available?

There are latrines as well as flush toilets available. There is a central shower house that has 15 private stall showers and a dressing area.

Is there a schedule of arrival and departure times?

Yes, one of the links (Schedule) on the Website will take you to the schedule that shows Arrival and Departure times. Please note that depending on whether you are planning to come for the day on Saturday or Sunday or stay for the entire weekend, there may be different times or arrangements. Check the site frequently for updates.

What kinds of activities are available for my children and me?

Good question. First of all, activities will be “age appropriate” – this means teenagers will be in their peer group and pre-teens in theirs and so on.
Only when there are family activities (like Swimming) will the ages be combined.
Your pre-registration form will assist us in determining what activities and for whom we should offer so it is important to register as soon as possible to help us get things started. There is a link on the Website that has activities posted and, again, you should check this frequently for updates.

Will there be food and beverages available on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, we plan to have breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. There will be water and snacks available throughout the day. If you have someone with a special diet, please tell us as soon as possible so we can provide for it. The Website will have the schedule of when food is served so please check it.

What happens if it rains? Will the weekend be cancelled?

No, Camp Noble Cause will continue as scheduled rain or shine.